December 18, 2010

Tender Coconut Pudding


China grass – 10 gms 
Water – 1 cup
Tender coconut water -1 cup
Condensed milk – 1 tin 

Milk – 2 tins (I used the same condensed milk tin)
Sugar – 1/2 cup (Use more or less according to your taste)
Thin scrapings of tender coconut – 1 cup 
Cherries for garnishing.

1. Soak China grass in 1 cup water and dissolve over low flame. (Use condensed milk tin for measuring the quantity of water)
2. Remove from heat and add tender coconut water.Keep it aside.
3. Take another pan, dissolve the sugar in milk and condensed milk over low heat, stirring continuously.
4.When the sugar has completely dissolved, add the melted China grass and tender coconut mixture, mix well and remove from heat. Do not boil it.
5. Strain into a flat glass dish.
6. Mix the tender coconut scrapings into the pudding ,allow it to cool to room temperature and then refrigerate.
7. Decorate with cherries . 

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  1. hi i stumbled across ur site while surfing the net... loved ur recipes ...but would like to see more of them