March 31, 2013

Coffee Pudding

Instant Coffee powder  – 2 tsp
Milk maid – ½ tin
Fresh cream – 250 ml
China grass – 10 gms
Sugar – 4 tbsp
Water- 2cups

1. Soak china grass in ½ cup water  for 15 mins
2. Take a pan add milkmaid and 250 mil fresh cream mix this well. (Do not keep this on the stove and mix as it will curdle.)
3. Take a bowl add 1 ½ cup water and heat this a little add instant coffee powder and sugar mix well.
4. Then add the soaked china grass keep on medium flame and melt the china grass.
5.Remove from flame and keep stirring with hand and (else the pudding will set) strain this into the milkmaid mix (See step no: 2).
6.Set this in fridge for an hour. Garnish this with chocolate sauce or chocolate chips .

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