June 26, 2012

Quick Mixed Fruit Wine

Pineapple ripe - 2kg chopped (that is one big pineapple chopped)
Black Grapes - 1/ 2kg
Sugar for caramalising - 1/2cup
Sugar for wine - 1kg
Cinnamon Powder- 1tbps
Cloves powder- 1tbsp
Ginger grated - 100gms
Lime - 1 (seeds to be removed and cut into 2 halves)
Water - 9 litres

Take a big pot pour 9litres water.  Add all the ingredients except sugar and mix well.
Heat the stove and keep the above mixture till the fruits get mashed well.
Add 1 kg sugar mix well still sugar dissolves.
Stain the wine and place it in a earthern vessel for 3 days.

After 3 days - Take a nonstick pan add 1/2 cup sugar . When sugar starts to turn golden brown add 1/4 cup water and remove from flame.Cool this and add to the wine.

Wine is ready in just 3 days.

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